Do You Have True Love ???

What is love ? :roll: 

What is love ?
Loving a girl is loving ?
Loving a boy is love ?
Or the teenage relationship is love ?
What do You thing according to you love is ?
Going to a date and spending time with your gf/bf is love ?
When gf/bfs brokups and cheats each other is love ???
Is this love ???
When Your father spends entire money of his life for just your wish is love ?
When your mother even after your disregards comes to you and ask you to please have your food is love ?
When a brother wether he is skinny protect her sister is love ??
When a sister treats his brother like his entire life is love ?
Now its all about you to decide what is love ……
Parents, even after knowing your mistakes foget them and hugs you with a smile
But we foget their million doller smile and remember just a slap
Think guys
We might b losing our true love just for temporary fake love …… :-) 

Yogesh Ojha

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