I was not born selfish ???


The World made me selfish.....I was born neutralclean of any disturbancesneither were there any disturbancesneither critical circumstanceswhat was there was my mom's caringmy relative's happiness and my father's dreams.I grew up slowly ,within my circle,made many friendsalmost all were goodcoz we were not ripen stilland I could not evenfind any obstacle...I was teen aged thenI found myself to have a crush on someoneI expressed dulybut she hated in the sameShe never thought of meand never even tried to do soShe built up the same kind of deny,refuse & betraythe same amount of affection I had on herThis wasn't a blowbut was a lesson eitherof the world that wouldn't knowwho is better and who the real bitter....Now , I am a younga fully grown up younggrown in the sense that I knew the worldI faced many such facesmany such hearts ,intentions, notions..whom I had thought to be greatbut they had the selfishness greatI knew each and everyone had their own motiveno one thinks of otherneither they think of their own mother...We all have motherland , the one motherbut each of us now deny & we botherto accept this truth...We are so called independent , have self respectthe so called endeavour not for allbut for self..So I knew this kept in my minddeveloped myselfadapted for this worldtuned to be the same as othersGreat, i am selfish nowSo ,I am really grown up..........

Yogesh Ojha

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