Steps towards Happiness, towards being a bit Selfish !!!

Before making any commitments or saying yes to requests, ask – “DoIreally want to do this?”

Be clear on the consequences of saying yes (or no) to a request and ask if you are prepared to live with them. If you are, go ahead. If not, reconsider and come up with an alternative


.Learn how to say "no" and mean it. Practice saying a congruent and convincing "no" in the mirror (or get a friend to help you). Stand tall, chin up, chest facing forwards, feet hip-wide and firmly placed on the ground. Imagine someone asking you to do something you don’t want to is standing in front of you. Pause, take a deep breath and say "no" firmly. Do this several times and practice every day if you are not used to saying no to people.

Includeyourselfin your list of important people in your life and make space in your life for you. Start with the small stuff, for example, take an evening off every fortnight ormonth to do your own thing, whetherthat’s going to the pub with your mates, getting a massage or going to the opera or a movie with the girls.(Remember to give your partner and loved ones the space to do the same).

What fills you up? Do something thatfills you up and gives you pleasure every month. Dance the Tango, read a great book, watch stand-up comedy, go to a music concert – whatever floats your boat! Schedule it in your diary like a date or businessmeeting and stick to it.

Applaud yourself and your success on being selfish. Even if it’s a very small thing like saying "no" to a telesales agent – celebrate!!!

Be your own best friend. When you have a decision to ponder, ask, “What would my best friend advise me to do?”Go out there and be selfish because, whenyou are all of you, those around you can beall of who they are.

Yogesh Ojha

19 year old student, Yogesh S/O Late Mr. Shambhudayal Ojha is now an International Author with mass readership over 185 countries.. Being a national winner in sketching and story writing,Currently he is conducting his research across 20 countries for his upcoming novels.. A number of sad, romantic and emotional songs along with 10000 poems are the part of his creations. Also he is a motivational speaker and counsellor .. According to him " If you wanna be alive even after your death.. Either write something or do something which could be written "

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