At the age of 5 Father is best friend, then why he becomes enemy at 25 ???

When We Were 4 years old – ‘My Daddy can do anything’

When we were 5 years old – ‘My Daddy knows a whole lot’

When We were 6 years old – ‘My Dad is smarter than your Dad’

When  we were 8 years old – ‘My Dad doesn’t know exactly everything’

When we were 10 years old – ‘In the olden days when my Dad grew up, things were so different’

When grow to 12 years old – ‘Oh well, naturally Dad doesn’t know anything about that, he istoo old to rememberhis childhood’

When grow to 14 years old – ‘Don’t pay any attention to my Dad, he is so old fashioned’

When we grow to 21 years old – ‘Him? He’s hopelessly out of date!’

When we grow to 25 years old – ‘Dadknows about it but then he should, he’s been around so long.’

When we grow to 30 years old – ‘Maybe we should ask Dad what he thinks, after all, he’s had alot of experience’

When we would be 35 years old – ‘I’m not doing a single thing until I talk to Dad!’

When We would be 40 years old – ‘I wonder how Dad would’ve handled it, he was so wise’

When we would be 50 years old – ‘I’d give anything if Dad were here now so I could talk this over with him.

Too bad I didn’t appreciate how smart he was. I could’ve learned alot from him.’…

Never Dis-respect your father …


Yogesh Ojha

19 year old student, Yogesh S/O Late Mr. Shambhudayal Ojha is now an International Author with mass readership over 185 countries.. Being a national winner in sketching and story writing,Currently he is conducting his research across 20 countries for his upcoming novels.. A number of sad, romantic and emotional songs along with 10000 poems are the part of his creations. Also he is a motivational speaker and counsellor .. According to him " If you wanna be alive even after your death.. Either write something or do something which could be written "

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