Do Girls have Rights … Really ???

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She wanna share her Views regarding the female harrashment and her is her article …


strong>Girls have rights really??
Um..  i know the question is strange right but this questions comes in the mind of every girl whether the girl is rich ,poor have all freedom from her family but still anywhere in her life she face problem from society or family or friends or in her carrier..
For example when a girl is a just a year old,  by looking at her short dresses people likes her cuteness  but  when the same girl wears that dress in her teens ,she is being called slut and even they get very harsh comments from society  … why ???  just because  she is wearing short clothes and because of that comments she has to change herself ??
She has to change her lifestyle ??? why girls have no right to choose Their lifestyle.. ??
While choosing a carrier in a girl's life , her family says dear choose your carrier as per your aspirations but when she Discloses her choice, family says no dear i do not feel  that you should go in this field this is not safe for you, you cannot manage job after marriage...if families only have to decide in which field the girl should go they should not ask for the choices because after the ignorance from home the girl get demoralised ...
My only question is if the girls have no right to take their decisions by their own please at least do not ask them to do what u want... girls has to be given all freedom and power and decision making skills she also stand somewhere in society please don’t demoralise them please...


Yogesh Ojha

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