Your most precious thing is lost !!!

You love
or someone dearly.
You have
imagined and
planned your whole
life around it or
around that someone.
That is or they
are your center of
universe now.
Your driving force!
You think, you have
finally found your bliss.
You think, you
can't really do
without it or them.
Then, one
fine day, you have
to let it go.
Perhaps for them
or for your own
well-being or
whatever the reason be.
Firstly,you try
finding another way.
Surely, you leave
no stone unturned.
But you just have
to let it go and
you have no
other alternative.
Secondly, you
try undoing it.
But itstoo late.
You have already
lost the most priced
possession of your life!
The sad part?
You can't do
anything about it.
You brood and
keep lamenting.
But its not
coming back.
Lifegoes on and
you have to live with it.
Maybe one day it
won't matter to you
or you will realize
that you took
the right decision.
But taking the first step
is always hard. Very hard !!!!

What could be the reason …
Arent your their priority now ???

Yogesh Ojha

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