Promises for new year. . Dedicated to all of you..

My promises for new year to my each friend..

Here we start a new year ..
But sometimes I feel so much fear 
For I do not know what the future holds for us 
But all I want to make clear is that whatever happens between us 
I will always stand by you 
I will always be near 
Whenever you want to talk and share your thoughts
I will lend you an ear 

I will always be around 
I will always be near to dry your every tear 
To make you smile when you need a wave of cheer 

Yes I do not trust the coming days 
But I do trust the bond we share 
I trust this bond that makes us the perfect and rare

We will always be together.. 
For if we become apart that will be really unfair 
I love you so much my friends .. I love you I swear 

Yes I do fear the future 
Sometimes I feel afraid 
Because I do not want this bond between us to fade 
But you know what? 
The more I feel afraid the more I know that my friendship is true 
The more I feel strong to hold on you 
No matter what we will go through 

I feel afraid because I appreciate you 
I feel afraid to loose someone like you 
Because the likes of you are really few 

Yes I feel scared 
Because life is just an endless road 
But together my love we should bare its load 

Yes we fight so much 
Yes we do not seam to be very understanding 
But we have something more precious than all that 
We have such a deep, true and sincere love 
Something magical sent from above 

Yes we cling to the tiniest things 
Yes I fight over your angry scream 
I fight over any lost dream 

Yes I do fight but that because I want to make everything so right 
Maybe I just fight to bring you a beautiful rose 
to tell you that I am yours 

Yes sometimes we cry 
That's because we do not want to hear the word goodbye 
Yes we cry for we do not want our passionate friendship to die 

Yes sometimes I feel so sad 
Because without you I would be mad 
Yes sometimes we feel so bad 
Because we do not want to lose the pure friendship we had 

Yes sometimes we feel that we are under stress 
thats when I need a tender word or a gentle caress 
thats when I doubt in your friendship and feel it becomes less 
thats when I fear the loneliness 

But no matter how we will feel 
I will always be with you for your broken heart to heal 
I will always show you that I care and my love to you I will always reveal 

I promise you that we will walk hand in hand 
through life's path till the end 
I will always be honest and true 
I will never pretent 
Do not worry my buddy if anything goes wrong 
I would know how it could all be mend 

I promise to comfort you and satisfy your every need 
I promise to be your everything 
Your love, your soulmate, companion and even your best friend 

I promise you I will never go away 
I will always be with you... I will forever stay 
I love you... this three words I will always say 
For today and tomorrow and all the coming days 

I want you to know that I will always keem my vow 
I really love you and my love to you will always grow
I love you so much... you are my heart 
for today and tomorrow and all the coming years 
till forever... I will love you.. till death do us apart... 

I love you my friends and that's what I have for you as this new year present... Happy new year 

Yogesh Ojha

19 year old student, Yogesh S/O Late Mr. Shambhudayal Ojha is now an International Author with mass readership over 185 countries.. Being a national winner in sketching and story writing,Currently he is conducting his research across 20 countries for his upcoming novels.. A number of sad, romantic and emotional songs along with 10000 poems are the part of his creations. Also he is a motivational speaker and counsellor .. According to him " If you wanna be alive even after your death.. Either write something or do something which could be written "

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