I wanna stop this dreadful loneliness!!

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel like a stranger? 
Like a fish out of water 
Like a teardropp in a loud laughter 
Like love in a heart of a hater! 

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel lost? 
Like a drop in the ocean 
Like a needle in a haystack 
Lost... that you don't know white from black! 
Like walking straight in a destination 
When you know there is no way to go back! 

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel so confused? 
That you don't know 
when you're treated nicely 
And when you are abused! 
Have you ever felt so much low? 
And you don't know what to do or where to go? 
When you see all the doors around you are locked and closed! 

Have you ever wondered how is it like to be in a non-stop stress? 
When you never feel so sure about something you always have to guess! 
when you feel like crying out loud 
And spit that burden of these hard feelings inside you 
However, these feelings you have to keep & suppress
Although, you are in the greatest need for a gentle caress! 

Had anyone felt so much pain like this before? 
'Cause that's what I really feel... maybe even more! 

I don't wanna feel like a stranger 
I don't wanna feel lost 
I don't wanna feel confused 
I don't wanna be in a non-stop stress 
I just want to stop this dreadful feeling of loneliness! !

Yogesh Ojha

19 year old student, Yogesh S/O Late Mr. Shambhudayal Ojha is now an International Author with mass readership over 185 countries.. Being a national winner in sketching and story writing,Currently he is conducting his research across 20 countries for his upcoming novels.. A number of sad, romantic and emotional songs along with 10000 poems are the part of his creations. Also he is a motivational speaker and counsellor .. According to him " If you wanna be alive even after your death.. Either write something or do something which could be written "

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