My Pen

Hugging my soft pillow 
As I gather my lost shattered thoughts 
I reach for my pen 
My best friend.. My old fellow 

How much I turn to you my pen? ! 
Cause you're the only one 
who knows me deeply from within 
You're always there for me 
through thick & thin! 
And when I was only ten 
you were patient with my silly childish dreams 
Like dreaming of being a prince in a legend! 
Or becoming a handsome king ! 
You were patient enough with my wierd stupid questions 
Like why the sky is blue & not green? ! 
And when I turned 18 
Still I'm holding on you 
I'm still so keen 
For you're the truest friend I've ever seen! 

You slways listen & listen & listen 
When no one else seems to be there 
You're always there 
When all other people just don't care 
And my most special thoughts 
with me you share 

Even the hard feelings 
You make me spit it all out of my chest 
You take that burdden 
And make me always relax & rest 

I turn to you 
When I'm so weak 
For you're the only one who understands me 
When I really feeL like I can't speak 

You're the only one 
Who could read my speechless mind 
I turn to you 
When all the world is against me and not on my side 
You know my every secret 
For with you there is nothing to hide 
Cause I know my secrets you won't reveal 
You put my feelings into words 
For you know what I exactly feel 

You help me to be what I want 
You always encourage me 
You never tell me ' YOU CAN'T ' 

I dreamed to be a poet 
And on this moment 
I want to thank you 
For you're the one 
Who let me notice my talent! 

Yogesh Ojha

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