Why do we love? 
If Life will make us part.. 

Why do our feelings grow? 
If days will change them all 

Why do our heart beat with warm passion? 
If distance between us blows it off 

Why do i give you my heart? 
If you don't even try to start 

Why do you tell me you love me so much? 
When you can't care for me enough 

Why do i respond to your touch? 
When i can't erase from my heart this fear 

Why can't i stop these painful tears? 

Why can't I be cruel to you when you're so near.. 

Why do you promise? 
When you can't make dreams come true 

Why do i still smile to you? 
Although the endless pain i go through 

I wonder why.. 
Why it all had to die..

Yogesh Ojha

19 year old student, Yogesh S/O Late Mr. Shambhudayal Ojha is now an International Author with mass readership over 185 countries.. Being a national winner in sketching and story writing,Currently he is conducting his research across 20 countries for his upcoming novels.. A number of sad, romantic and emotional songs along with 10000 poems are the part of his creations. Also he is a motivational speaker and counsellor .. According to him " If you wanna be alive even after your death.. Either write something or do something which could be written "

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