I am sorry Dad..

I do not remember my first day with you, 
But you remember them all. 
You remember how my tiny fingers used to hold your hands, 
You remember how I used to cry until I saw you, 
You remember the first day I went angry with you, 
You remember how my every wish was fulfilled by you. 
Truly Dad you remember them all. 

Years have rolled and my fingers have grown 
Yet I want to hold your hand, 
Yet I cry in your absence, 
Yet I become angry with you, 
And yet you fulfill my every wish. 

People say nothing is constant. 
Then how Dad is your love? 
Once you scold me, thousand times you love, 
Thousand times you remember me, never you forget.
You kept me secured for ever and a day, 
You showed me path and made me make my way. 

Yet I failed to make you happy, 
Yet I failed to win. 
Yet I failed to keep my promises, 
Though I wasn't mean. 

But no bounds your love truly knows, 
And you have me in your heart like you ever had. 
But how could I forget I couldn't fulfill your wish, 
And hence I am sorry Dad...

Yogesh Ojha

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