Let's fall in love Again!!

Let me tell you something,
There was not a day I didn't miss you,
In each thought you became real,
Hidden in smile so that I can neglect you.

I don’t know how much is it true,
I believed and felt you missed me too,
Each day I tried to stay away,
But ended up typing a letter for you.

Wrote with love,
Erased by tears,
I torn apart each pages,
So, I don’t keep any evidence of missing you.

Long waits for your calls and msgs,
My inbox showed your no name,
I searched you in each path we walked,
You disappeared like an insane.

My wait ended and I had no choice,
You covered my mind from each core,
My heart seems to not accept,
That you don’t love me anymore.

Atlast I write for you today,
Lets fall in love all over again,
With no promises and compromise,
With no limits to be together again.

Let’s it be pure and linked with the soul,
Let me just be with you till the world ends soon,
I only know that I'll love you forever,
Even if tomorrow, I live far away but I cannot live with different lover...

Yogesh Ojha

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