True Love Defined

Again that started, a series of usual silly talk when "What is true love ?" asked my friend
We took a long walk, 
And I said am reaching on the end.
Before I go further, he asked me again -
Is "Love" and "True Love" both are same?
What I said was just few words,
Love is always true and hard to find
If it's not true than all you have are lies.
I defined the love directly from the bottom of my heart  or I can say that through my mind my heart wanted to scream.

So here I go...

'When night comes just to make you dream, 
And sun's rays make you smile.
When your happiness is over its brim, 
And tears don't exist for a while. 
If people ask what is it, 
And you think its you with whom something is wrong. 
And neither can you deny it nor would you accept it, 
But seeing that face makes you hum a song. 
You are thrilled when your eyes meet. 
For it takes you on the seventh cloud. 
And when the hugs provide you with all warmth and heat, 
You think you are breathing aloud. 
When the whole world is black and white, 
And that person only seems to be colored. 
When everything seems so bright, 
And even your cheeks don't know how much they blushed. 
When you die to get that person's sight, 
And getting the sight your heart skips a beat. 
When you try to stop yourself with all might, 
But your face falls on seeing the empty seat. 
When closing your eyes a single person occupies your mind, 
And opening them you find your dream in front of you. 
When with everyone you are too kind, 
And you wake up early to see the dew. 
When you smile without a reason, 
And taking that name makes you shy. 
When you day and night think about your someone, 
And on being asked you tell a stupid lie. 
Its love and its signs. 
Love- which makes you fly and gives you wings, 
Love- which sounds sweeter than chimes, 
That love- which is more adorable than all other things. 
Love- which you feel all night, 
Love- which everyone tries to seek, 
Love- which provides you with all might, 
Yes love, that love which never lets you turn weak...

Yogesh Ojha

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