It’s all my fault, I know that’s true
It’s all my fault for loving you
I didn’t mean for it to be
I just wanted to try and see

I wanted to see if you felt the same
I was sick of playing that same old game
Where you’d say hi and I’d smile back
And we seemed to share everything and never to lack

But I was dumb; it’s me that was wrong
I guess my heart was tired of singing that same old song
I just wanted to try and see
If anything real could really be

But I went along and ruined all we had
It’s no wonder you seemed so mad
I pushed ahead without your okay
If I could take it back I would any day

So all I can do is say right now
I’m sorry, even if I know you can’t see how
I’m sorry for all I did to us
I ruined our friendship, my hope; your trust.

I pray you will read this and, not in anger, think
That maybe every time you ignore me I even farther sink
You are me, a part I always held dear
And if you up and leave, a part of me will disappear

It’s all my fault, I know that’s true 
I just don’t want to stop loving you
And I don’t mean for us to be
But I wish that before you go, you’d stop… and consider me.

Was I ever anything in your heart?
Did I ever form even a tiny part?
Or deep, deep inside did you too
Ever love me as I will always love you?

Yogesh Ojha

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