Will You Be My Better Half?

Before you answer me Please do this for me … !!!
Before you Assume, Understand.
Before you Judge, Think.
Before you Speak, Listen.
Before you Hurt, Feel.
Before you Hate, Love.
Before you Leave, Commit to stay.
Before you Die, Live.
Before you End, Start.
I wish I could just wrap my arms around you and tell you everything will be okay in the end. I wish I could hold you until the tears stop. I wish you could just believe me when l tell you how much I care for you and that I’m not going to run away like everyone else. Because I am not everyone else,
I love you…
I know i can’t make you laugh all the time,
But i’ll give my shoulder when ever you cry..
I may not bring smile to your eyes,
But i’m very sure i’l never bring a tears to your eyes ..
I may not give you all u wanna,
But i’ll give you all I have ..
I may not have all the riches to share,
But I have a very cute and sweet heart  to care ..
You may not trust me entirely,
But i’ll be the best I can ..
Sorry I can’t Promise to fix all your problems,
But I can Promise you that won’t have to face them alone ..
I’m all your’s , If your all mine .. 
I’ll be there for you whenever; wherever; whatever ; however and forever..
Trust me I’ll you protect you like my mom,
Love and care you like my daughter ..
Will you be My better half .. ?

Yogesh Ojha

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