You Are My Book..!! (Fan Post-By Aditi Sharma)

You are my book. That book which I owe now. But once that was just an eyepleasing dream to me. The book whose title mesmerised me and I was just stunned to see the beauty of the cover. The cover page of the book was amazing. You seemed to be like that flawless beauty same as those words written on the cover page. The radiance on your face attracted me just like that plot on the back of the cover. The name of the writer was familiar, same as your name when I heard it for the first time. I started to read and I read you like an open book. The book which started with a normal beginning but yet complicated, twisted and yes intersting too. Writer gave his best to maintain the interest of the reader. Remember the way you make me indulged in your actions all the time. Then it was the climax part, I was excited to read it further. I was excited to know you too. Your deepest secrets were in front of me as I turn down the pages. I started to have more and more interest and loved the way every bit of it came out. I must say the writer maintained the rhythm of the story quite well as you make me walked through the path of your past with a nill expression on the face yet a hurricane blowing inside. I was reading it and reached to that glorious happy ending and completed it with a smile on my face. Now I have this book forever with me. Your are mine forever now.❤

Yogesh Ojha

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